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Bennetter Trading AB

Bennetter Trading AB
We offer a full range of asbestos free friction materials for overhead cranes, elevators, presses, wood and paper pulp machinery, industrial brake linings, off-highway brake linings, clutch facings and disc brake pads, gear tooth facings and every other conceivable industrial friction detail.
We have experience
We offer our customers more than 90 years of experience with friction materials in every conceivable industrial area – from the smallest part to the largest.

We give technical support
Every application – brake or clutch – needs correct friction material with the right properties. Thus unnecessary strain and wear is avoided and better economy is obtained.

We help
Our technical staff is well qualified to choose an optimum solution for any application.
We "tailor-make" parts...
When an optimum solution has been chosen, one of our workshops will "tailor-make" the friction part – in small or large quantities.

...and bond
We also do the bonding of friction parts to steel plates or brake shoes.

We supply from stock
Quite often the best solution is a standard friction material obtainable ex stock. We have a large stock and and can therefore deliver quickly.

All of our suppliers are ISO 9001 certified.
Products – roll material
Moulded Standard Quality

Moulded non-asbestos material for industrial uses and for vehicles. Thickness from 3 mm to 12,5 mm. Width from 25 mm to 160 mm.
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Woven Standard Quality

Woven non-asbestos material for industrial uses. Thickness from 3 mm to 22 mm. Width from 19 mm to 330 mm.
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Products – sheets
Moulded Standard Quality

Moulded and woven non-asbestos sheets for machining of clutch facings, washers, segments and other tailor-made parts. Thickness from 3 mm to 22 mm.
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Products – other
We have several other standard materials as well as special qualities to offer. Please contact us for information!

We also supply Easybond adhesive AR 2030 KTE/9TX for bonding of friction materials and Phenolac 2132 A protective paint dip for brake shoes.

Bennetter Trading AB
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We are moving our stockroom. New address for all deliveries from January 2019:

Bennetter Trading AB
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